There is little reason to think that using a GPS system in the car is any less distracting than texting or fiddling with the car radio.  Numerous accidents occur each day on the highways of the world while drivers attempt to navigate while driving. Some GPS devices will not allow entry of information while the vehicle is moving. This is true on the GPS in my Jeep and though I admit I find it frustrating, I now fully understand the reason this safety feature has been installed. 

If you have been in an auto accident as a result of another driver texting or trying to input information into a GPS system, order my book The Pennsylvania Accident Book at 215-576-5150 or go to to find out more about how we handle our cases.  Do not speak to the insurance company until you have either read this booklet or had a free, no obligation, confidential consultation with me.

Accidents Caused by Another Driver using GPS or Texting
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