There is no question that airbags have saved thousands of lives. However, the government also estimates that hundreds of people have been killed by their airbags. Therefore it is important to know the risks.

A car’s airbags fully deploy in 1/25th of a second, or approximately 200 miles per hour. Any object moving this fast can be dangerous. Several simple tips can help ensure that the airbag does its job properly and does not create more injuries than it prevents.

  • Children are the most vulnerable to airbag related injuries and should always ride in the back seat of a car. Young children and infants should be buckled up in an age and size appropriate child safety seat.
  • Drivers and front seat passengers should always wear both their lap belts and shoulder belts. This keeps them from being thrown into the airbag while it is being deployed.
  • Drivers should make sure that their seats are far enough away from the airbag to avoid the impact from the airbag opening and to give it time to deploy. Although this advice may be difficult for some drivers, especially shorter ones, it will help prevent possible serious injury and even death.

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Automobile Airbags: Know the Risks
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