We are seeing more and more accident reports regarding teens and young adults being involved in terrible auto accidents. One such accident occurred yesterday in Lansdale, PA, when a 21 year old male was allegedly speeding just after midnight and failed to negotiate a curve on Route 563 at Sugar Hill Road. He was injured and his 21 year old passenger was killed after being thrown from the vehicle which was a 2000 Honda Civic.

The Honda struck a utility pole and basically split in half. This tragedy is currently under investigation by the Salford Township police. This is all too common a fact pattern in recent years. In my opinion, the relative inexperience of a young driver may be part of the problem. Distraction by a youthful passenger or passengers is often a factor. Occasionally, though not necessarily in the accident described, alcohol use is involved, causing impairment of a young, inexperienced, fatigued and/or distracted driver.

We see altogether too many of this type of accident in our office and the repercussions to the families are heartbreaking. Though the individuals in this accident were 21, many of the cases involve injuries to teens. Parents need to carefully monitor the whereabouts of their teen drivers and impose a curfew. It may help to not allow an inexperienced driver to have teen passengers who tend to distract. Texting by drivers is another potential cause of such accidents, and is often in combination with the other factors.

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Car Accidents with Teens and Young Adults
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