Collisions with Pedestrians

The Stats When a pedestrian and a car collide, the pedestrian always loses out. In 2009, about 5,900 pedestrians lost their lives in such collisions in the United States, or one every 90 minutes. These deaths account for 11% of

RVS and Aging Tires: A Deadly Combination

As the population ages and begins to retire, many retirees are purchasing recreational vehicles, giving them the freedom to travel around the country at their own pace and with their own itinerary. RVs have become more popular, and they have

RV Accidents: Preparing For The Worst

RVs of all sizes are becoming more and more popular. With their increased popularity, there is a higher probability of their involvement in accidents on the highways and byways of our country. However, with some advance planning, you will be

Do you have any clue whether your auto insurance is adequate to protect you?

Most people are searching for auto insurance based on getting the cheapest deal they can to afford compliance with the law.  Life is expensive and this is not one of the items we love to spend money on.  However, buying

Fall leaves and rain=slippery roads

The leaves are falling now and even when the weather is fairly warm, if it rains, the leaves combined with rain and oily discharge from vehicles can make the roads quite slick. It doesn’t have to be snowing or sleeting

Takata air bag debacle-do YOU have a killer airbag?

Boy, this makes me mad. Takata, an air bag manufacturer has announced there are as many as 30 MILLION vehicles in the U.S. furnished with air bags that have deteriorating “inflators”. These inflators could blow up and shred your throat

Car Accidents with Teens and Young Adults

We are seeing more and more accident reports regarding teens and young adults being involved in terrible auto accidents. One such accident occurred yesterday in Lansdale, PA, when a 21 year old male was allegedly speeding just after midnight and

Make Sure You Have Full Tort on Your Insurance Policy

Do yourself and your family a very important favor in 2013-add FULL TORT to your auto insurance policy. Without it you simply do not have adequate insurance. I deal with insurance companies every day and why do you think I

How to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Many people ask me during or after I handle their accident case, how can I reduce my auto insurance premiums without going unprotected?  I advise them to always keep their FULL tort coverage which is critical, no matter what it

Make Sure You Have Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Do not ever leave the scene of an accident without getting the license plate number, at the VERY least, of the driver who hit you. I have recently had two cases of hit and run in which both my client

Let an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Handle Your Case

Yes, astute consumer, and many lawyers who barely handle any personal injury cases at all will have an uninformed client choose them to handle an auto accident case. The lawyer may accept a case outside his area of expertise because

How to Lose Your Auto Accident Case

A sure way to lose your accident case is to hire a lawyer who is a “jack of all trades”. If you have found your lawyer online or in the yellow pages, look at the ad carefully. Does the lawyer

Pedestrian Accidents and LIMITED TORT

The way in which your selection of limited tort coverage vs. full tort coverage affects your claim if you were a pedestrian at the time of the accident

Auto policies with very low property damage limits in PA are a real problem

Buy collision insurance for your clunker unless you are prepared to replace it out of your pocket.

Limited Tort vs. Full Tort – What Does it Matter?

How do I choose between the limited tort option and the full tort option?  Features of the “limited tort” option are that you basically forfeit your right to sue for pain and suffering, loss of life’s pleasures, embarrassment, inconvenience, and

How do you select the best automobile insurance coverages in PA?

How do I choose the correct car insurance in Pennsylvania? There are numerous things to remember when purchasing your car insurance.  “The Golden Rules” include the following: Never drop a type of coverage unless you actually know what you are

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