Pedestrian Deaths On The Rise

According to research done on behalf of the Governors Highway Safety Association which represents the state highway safety offices, pedestrian deaths have risen faster than motorist fatalities and are up to 6000 total last year. Why are there more pedestrian

Car Accidents On Icy Roads

If you have been in a car accident or truck accident due to icy conditions, the insurance company is not going to give you a break because you lost control on an icy patch you couldn’t see. You have to


In excess of 1 million people are driving around in the U.S. without any auto insurance because they cannot afford it. This includes 1.1 million drivers in PA! What happens if you are hit by one of these uninsured folks?

Medical Marijuana and Accident Injuries in PA

Medical marijuana was approved in Pennsylvania by law on May 17, 2016. Under specific circumstances it may be approved by your doctor in non-smoking form (tincture, other edible forms) for “serious” conditions, some of which can result from the trauma

Social Media and your accident

Nowdays it is commonplace for people to jump on Facebook or Twitter and spew out personal life details to friends and others. It is certainly an era of lightening quick communication which can be an incredible and efficient tool for


Friends, Beware multiple IRS Scams that are quite scary and convincing. Warn your elderly relatives about this because they are quite vulnerable and trusting. IRS Scams are on the rise. The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers to remain on

Do you have any clue whether your auto insurance is adequate to protect you?

Most people are searching for auto insurance based on getting the cheapest deal they can to afford compliance with the law.  Life is expensive and this is not one of the items we love to spend money on.  However, buying

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