We are personal injury lawyers, so we are often faced with the difficult task of representing children and their families.  There cannot be anything more difficult than facing the emotional and financial strain of having an injured child.  We try to remove as much of the stress as possible and to take that impossibly heavy weight off the shoulders of the parents in so far as we are able, by taking over the legal claims and pursuing compensation for pain and suffering and financial relief for mounting medical bills.  These cases often involve heartbreaking and catastrophic injuries with crushing financial obligation for future care.

One of the first things we must do as counsel for injured children is to establish the statute of limitations for the case.  In a case relating to an adult in the Commonwealth of PA, the statute of limitations is generally two years from the date of the accident.  However, since children are not legally competent due to their minority, they do not have the legal capability to sue on their own.  For this reason, a minor child’s statute of limitations does not expire until the minor reaches majority.  Thus minors generally have until their 20th birthday to file a personal injury claim.  Nevertheless, it is critical to gather all evidence and get an experienced personal injury lawyer on board to make sure no stone goes unturned in proving the negligence of the responsible party.  Evidence often disappears over time and witnesses move and forget things.  There is no good reason to wait to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure your child’s rights are protected.  This is the best way to ensure the best possible result and to protect your child’s rights.

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Children’s Claims for Injuries
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