Selecting an attorney to represent you is a critical, but challenging task. The decision certainly should not be made on the basis of advertising alone. The Yellow Pages and television are filled with ads, all of which say basically the same thing. You should not hire an attorney based solely upon advertising because anyone can buy a slick commercial.

In fact, you should not even hire Worthington Law Group until you trust that we can do a good job for you.

How Do I Find A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney?

One thought on “How Do I Find A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney?

  • November 1, 2010 at 10:18 am

    This is true, but you should speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer before you call the insurance company. Our office go to: charges nothing for an initial telephone consultation and we offer a world of good advice to prevent you from inadvertently destroying your own claim and placing yourself at the mercy of the insurance company. And don’t think you are “safe” giving a recorded statement to your own insurance company because you think they are there to protect your interests. They are NOT there to protect your interests. They are there to protect their own interest and to make money like other large corporations. Certainly, your own insurance company has an obligation by contract (your insurance contract with them) to provide certain coverages, but believe me, they will do whatever they can to minimize whatever they pay on your behalf.
    As a side note, in our country (USA) we call them “lawyers” or “attorneys” rather than solicitors which is a British term. Thanks for your input!

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