How do you find out who in your local community is the best lawyer for your case? I believe that there are certain questions to ask that will lead you to the best person for your case – no matter what kind of claim you have. This selection process may involve some time on your part. However, that’s alright because the decision as to who your attorney will be is extremely important.

The world of personal injury and accident claims is, in our opinion, much too specialized for someone who does not regularly handle these cases. Too many times we end up reviewing the files for cases that other, inexperienced attorneys, handled or “mishandled.” You should know that the insurance companies which defend personal injury and accident cases know who the attorneys are in your area that will actually go the distance and litigate a case when necessary. The insurance companies use that information to evaluate their financial risk. One of the first questions some insurance adjusters will ask when a serious claim comes in is who is representing the plaintiff. If this information is important to the insurance company, shouldn’t it be important to you?

There are many attorneys who are known to the insurance companies as “easy.” You do not want one of those. You need an attorney who will file suit, but only if necessary to get the best result for you!

How Do You Choose a Good Lawyer?
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