Do not ever leave the scene of an accident without getting the license plate number, at the VERY least, of the driver who hit you. I have recently had two cases of hit and run in which both my client and the defendant driver pulled over. My client got out of the car to exchange insurance information, and the other driver high-tailed it away from the scene. In one case, my client was seriously injured. She did not get the license plate number of the car that hit her as a pedestrian. She was trying to get into her car when a truck drove by and pinned her against her own vehicle causing crushing injuries to her leg. She did not have uninsured motorist coverage either, which was a terrible mistake.

You need to have uninsured motorist coverage because in this economy, countless people are driving around without auto insurance. Why aren’t the police cracking down on this? Because the uninsured drivers often have either fake or expired auto insurance cards which they produce at the scene for the police. The police rarely if ever enforce the law requiring, in essence, that all cars being driven on the highways must be insured. I have never seen it enforced nor any uninsured motorist penalized. You must have uninsured motorist insurance coverage to protect yourself against these uninsured drivers. Plus, the coverage is cheap! Protect yourself!

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Make Sure You Have Uninsured Motorist Insurance
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