Many insurance companies are taking the approach that unless there was fairly serious damage to your car in an accident, you could not have been very seriously injured.  While this is simply not supported by science in all cases, it can be very damaging for a jury to see your car, post-accident, without a ding.  You know you were hit fairly hard, but the bumper must have absorbed a lot of the impact and you are suffering from neck or back pain. 

If you are in a minimal or seemingly minimal impact accident or low speed accident and were injured, do yourself and your lawyer a big favor and take photos of the OTHER individual’s vehicle damage before you no longer have access to it.  Once it is driven or towed away, you won’t see it or be able to obtain photos until a lawsuit is filed.  Although your car may not be visibly damaged, if the defendant’s car is badly damaged, this certainly can refute the argument that you were not in a severe accident.  Take photos of ALL cars involved in your accident and save them carefully until you can get them to a lawyer who is highly experienced in accident cases.

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Minor Damage to Your car? The Insurance Company won’t Believe You Were Injured!
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