Most people today know the importance of buckling up when they get in the car, but few know that the same rule should be applied to their pets.

People will often drive with their pets in the car. That trip could be to the store, the park, or possibly a neighbor’s house. However, most people don’t secure their pets before setting out on their trip. Buckling in your pets is important, for multiple reasons.

First, an unrestrained pet might interfere with the driver’s operation of the car, possibly causing a crash. In the event of a crash, an unsecured animal can be turned into a projectile, causing further injury to the pet or the passengers. An unsecured pet also presents a potential threat to firemen and EMS workers if there is a crash. For example, your dog might try to bite those trying to render aid, or he might run away causing further confusion.

Pets can be secured in a number of ways. Small pets, especially cats, should be kept in a pet carrier. Some stores sell special seats intended for small‑ to medium‑sized pets. Larger animals may be strapped to the seat with a specialized seat‑belt attachment.

No matter what system you use, the rule is the same for pets as it is for humans: Buckle up!

 For more information on pets in the car visit the Worthington Law Group website.

Pets in the Car: Buckle Up
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