If you have slipped or tripped and fallen or been otherwise injured and you feel someone else’s negligence caused this, one of the most important thing you can do after seeking medical help is to photograph the cause of the fall from numerous angles.  If you fell due to a difference in elevation in sidewalk squares, or an upheaved portion of cement sidewalk, for example, it is critical that you or a friend go to the location and photograph the area close up with a ruler standing in any depression or next to the elevation difference.  The photograph should be taken at ground level to show the elevation difference.   If you do not get down on the ground or as close as possible to the ground, the angle of the photograph will make the elevation difference look less than it is.  Also, photograph the general surroundings so one can identify the actual location.  In other words if you are near an intersection, try to photograph the area from a bit of a distance to show the street signs or any buildings next to the site.   Call an EXPERIENCED personal injury lawyer-not a jack of all trades who handles estates, criminal matters, and landlord tenant disputes.  You want a lawyer who focuses all of her attention on this kind of case.  You wouldn’t want a heart surgeon operating on your back and you wouldn’t want a criminal defense lawyer handling your trip and fall case!

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries-Photographing the Site and Hiring the Right Lawyer
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