The Montgomery County, PA area was hit particularly hard by the snow storm today.  There were countless accidents and numerous injuries on our roadways.  Drivers underestimated how slippery it would be and lost control on icy roads which are only going to get worse tonight.  Numerous serious accidents occurred on highways.  If you were one of the people involved in these accidents, do not speak to any insurance company other than to simply report your accident to your OWN company, then call a highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer to help you.

Your consultation with most offices will be free-if you need a lawyer you will be protected.  We are available to discuss your accident at your convenience.  If you do not need a lawyer, we will tell you. Meanwhile, try to stay off the roads if you do not have to drive.  Temperatures are dropping below freezing currently and tomorrow morning it will be very slippery.  Philadelphia roads are never treated or plowed as well as the counties and will be even worse.

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Snow Creates Conditions for Serious Accidents Today
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