Insurance Companies Play Hardball

Month after month, you pay hundreds of dollars in insurance premiums, expecting that if you have an auto accident your insurer will cover the bill. Unfortunately, this expectation all too often goes unmet because insurers play hardball in accident claims.


BELIEVE THESE AUTO ACCIDENT MYTHS AND YOU WILL REGRET IT! If you are reasonable and honest with the insurance company you will get a reasonable settlement proposal from them. When you are in an accident and the insurance company asks

Why am I Writing This Blog?

I am sick and tired of seeing insurance companies take advantage of people “before” they have had a chance to speak to an attorney. For years, one major insurance company would encourage claimants to not hire an attorney. Frankly, you

The War Zone – Insurance Companies vs. You

You entered a so-called “war zone” once you are injured. You are at war, but it is a war that can be won. Insurance companies, and some in the government, have “declared war” on injured people and their attorneys. They

What Must Be Proven To Win A Personal Injury Case?

The law does not demand or guarantee compensation for every injury. You must prove that someone else was negligent or careless and that their carelessness caused your injury. If you have suffered an unfortunate accident that is no one else’s

What Is A Personal Injury Case?

Lawyers say that they handle “personal injury cases” or “accident cases” or “wrongful death cases,” but what are these types of cases exactly? A personal injury, automobile accident, or wrongful death case is any type of claim where a person

I Am Not Permitted To Give Legal Advice In This Blog

I know the arguments the insurance companies will make in your case – and so should you – even before you file your claim. When you were injured you did not realize it, but you had entered a “war zone.”

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