Car Accidents On Icy Roads

If you have been in a car accident or truck accident due to icy conditions, the insurance company is not going to give you a break because you lost control on an icy patch you couldn’t see. You have to

Getting Compensated For Your Injury

Despite your best efforts to be careful, you have been involved in a collision. You have been injured and suffered property damage. What steps can and should you take to get the compensation you deserve? Often, the first step is

RV Accidents: Preparing For The Worst

RVs of all sizes are becoming more and more popular. With their increased popularity, there is a higher probability of their involvement in accidents on the highways and byways of our country. However, with some advance planning, you will be

Let an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Handle Your Case

Yes, astute consumer, and many lawyers who barely handle any personal injury cases at all will have an uninformed client choose them to handle an auto accident case. The lawyer may accept a case outside his area of expertise because

The War Zone – Insurance Companies vs. You

You entered a so-called “war zone” once you are injured. You are at war, but it is a war that can be won. Insurance companies, and some in the government, have “declared war” on injured people and their attorneys. They

What In Heaven’s Name Is A “Serious Impairment” Of Body Function?

The courts have been revising this definition since 1990 when this option became available. The truth is that it is not clear at all exactly what a serious impairment to a body function is and the definition seems to change

What Must Be Proven To Win A Personal Injury Case?

The law does not demand or guarantee compensation for every injury. You must prove that someone else was negligent or careless and that their carelessness caused your injury. If you have suffered an unfortunate accident that is no one else’s

How Do You Choose a Good Lawyer?

How do you find out who in your local community is the best lawyer for your case? I believe that there are certain questions to ask that will lead you to the best person for your case – no matter

What Is A Personal Injury Case?

Lawyers say that they handle “personal injury cases” or “accident cases” or “wrongful death cases,” but what are these types of cases exactly? A personal injury, automobile accident, or wrongful death case is any type of claim where a person

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