Boy, this makes me mad. Takata, an air bag manufacturer has announced there are as many as 30 MILLION vehicles in the U.S. furnished with air bags that have deteriorating “inflators”. These inflators could blow up and shred your throat if you are in an accident in which you strike something in front of your car. Apparently, the inflator is made up of metal which, upon deployment of the airbag, will shoot metal shards directly at the seated passenger. People have already died and have been injured from this issue.

You need to look immediately at this site to see if your vehicle falls into this category:
You can also call them at 888-327-4236

Apparently, Older Hondas, Toyotas, Mazda’s and other brands are affected by this. Theoretically, the problem is more likely if your vehicle was in a humid, hot climate. However, if you bought your car used, how on earth would you know? Also, how specific is this “hot and humid” climate definition? I consider the South Jersey shore to be quite hot and humid in the summer. I doubt that area is one they are considering. They are focusing on vehicles which have been in the Florida and southern coastal areas. As pointed out by Jeff Gelles of the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday, the problem could be tied to age of the airbag rather than climate. Toyota is allegedly advising owners to “Avoid the front passenger seat” until the repair is complete.

Here we have a piece of equipment which was so beautifully designed to save lives killing people! See if yours is affected TODAY and get it repaired. Don’t take any chance on this.



Takata air bag debacle-do YOU have a killer airbag?
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