The law does not demand or guarantee compensation for every injury. You must prove that someone else was negligent or careless and that their carelessness caused your injury. If you have suffered an unfortunate accident that is no one else’s fault, or, if you fail to sue the correct person or party, then the law says that you will not win your case. Additionally, in Pennsylvania, varying degrees of carelessness for negligence in each driver are recognized. This is called comparative negligence. This can dramatically affect your case.

Do you really need an attorney to settle your case? You clearly do not need an attorney for every small injury case. In fact, some offices doe not even accept cases where there is little or no property damage or the injuries are very minor. Why not? The simple answer is that in a small case, the attorney’s fees and costs might leave little or nothing for you after your medical bills are paid and we don’t believe that that would be fair to you.

Attorney’s don’t want to put you through something which is long and tedious and time-consuming if you do not stand a chance to recover a reasonable sum after payment of the costs, attorney’s fees and medical bills. Worthington Law Group will not accept a case in which the client would end of receiving little or nothing after payment of these items.

What Must Be Proven To Win A Personal Injury Case?
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