So your baby is all grown up (or thinks he is) and wants to get his driver’s license. While having a teen on your auto policy is likely to raise the price of your insurance, there are things you can do to increase the chances that your teen will be a safe driver.

First, set a good example. If you speed, tailgate, and drive aggressively, your teen probably will also. Relax, slow down, and show your child how a safe driver operates.

Insist that your teen wear his seat belt–wearing a seat belt has been proven to be the best way to prevent injuries in an auto accident. Make sure that your teen wears his seat belt every time he drives.

Many teenagers think that they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof, and that nothing bad can happen to them. We know better, so set clear limits. Studies have shown that teens are more easily distracted than more experienced drivers are, so limit the number of distractions.

You can restrict the number of people that your teen is allowed to have in the car or prohibit him from using his mobile phone or eating while driving. Nighttime is a more dangerous time to drive, so set a “driving curfew,” a time by which the car has to be back in the garage. Drinking and driving (which is not safe for any driver, and is also against the law) must be absolutely prohibited.

Make sure that your teen understands that driving is a privilege. The ability to drive means that the teen is getting closer to adulthood, but being an adult has serious obligations. Be certain that your teen understands that driving is dangerous, not just for him but for the other drivers with whom he shares the road. Impress upon him that unsafe behavior or the failure to obey your rules means that you will take the keys.

Finally, check for insurance discounts. Although insurance for teen drivers is very expensive, some insurers offer certain discounts. For example, some companies give discounts if your child is on the honor roll. Others offer discounts if the child completes an approved safe driving course.

Taking these steps can help your teen driver grow into a safe driver.

For more information on teen driving related issues visit the Worthington Law Group website.

Your Teen is Ready to Drive? Make that Prospect Less Frightening
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